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I’m a qualified professional

but I’m also a Mum

I've dedicated the last two decades to helping parents and children transform their relationships, leading to happier more empowered lives. After all, our children are the adults of tomorrow and we must empower them, teach them confidence and resilience, and help them to feel validated. My passion was ignited when I became a Mother, and along my journey, I have expanded my qualifications and knowledge to support hundreds of people. I'd love to help you, too.

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Every journey is different and there is no “one size fits all” path to transformation. I want everyone to feel acknowledged and validated, so I always invest the time to understand your unique situation, to build trust and create a safe space for us to successfully work together.

“I just want my kids to be happy”

Sound familiar?

Your Happy Child, 10 Proven Steps To Raising A Happy Child

In this book, I guide and empower parents and their children – aged five to eleven years old – to shift negative perceptions and build a strong positive mindset. This lays the foundation to build resilience for life’s future challenges. Uniquely, blending the up-to-date theory of positive psychology, neuroscience and holistic practices, this jargon-free book takes you step-by-step through: scripted, fun and practical activities; powerful techniques and strategies; to create the ideal setting for raising a happy and confident child.

What readers are saying

I found ‘Your Happy Child’ to be a very useful book for parents like myself, especially as it helps you to understand how you can help your children to grow into happy adults with lots of confidence and high self-esteem! This book is teeming with great ideas, lots of activities, and top tips!

Andrea Harrn, Author of The Mood Cards

Author of "The Mood Cards"

I'm glad I found Usha's book when I did! I have read other books in this area but Your Happy Child offers something completely different with some very good tips and ideas in a non-judgemental way. Great read, and would recommend to others! 

Samantha Johnson

Having a strong sense of confidence is the underpinning to a happy, successful life. And it's so important that those skills are learned at an early age as they become invaluable. Usha's book 'Your Happy Child' is a precious gift to not only parents but also to children. Heartfelt Congratulations, Usha!

Diane Peglar

Grandmother & Supporter

All I can say is "Wow, an amazing book". It's very easy to see that Usha is passionate about her work and helping children, it was a pleasure to read this book. Thank you Usha for getting your message out there.

Laura Smith

Mum of 3

I picked up 'Your Happy Child a while ago, and it's been an easy recommendation ever since! I love this book, It's super easy to understand both the explanations which are very simple and friendly to the common person, and the activities which are enlightening and inspiring. We've been able to use some of the lessons and it's made a difference to our home life! Thanks very much, Usha!

Adi Nevo

Mum of 3 & Life Coach

I really liked the insights into how her young mind works. That's been beneficial because it helped me be patient and understanding. My child enjoyed it all, especially the breathing techniques, but mostly she just loved being my focus and chatting with me about her thoughts on the various topics. I'd recommend the course because it was a lovely opportunity for us to connect, for me to appreciate things from her perspective and understand better how to manage my own attitude and behaviour around her.

Marina Colman

Mum of 3 & Yoga Teacher

I found Usha’s book “Your Happy Child” very helpful. I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a workshop based on the book run by the author with my eldest son, and we both learned a lot. Kids don't come with a manual (!) and some people don't feel comfortable asking for help to be better parents. But time and thought invested in being a better Dad was well worth it. I met other parents going through the same challenges too, which was validating. I gained a better understanding of my son as an individual person.

Sunny Sond

Dad of 2 & Marketing Manager

If you are looking for a simple and easy-to-understand parenting book, I highly recommend 'Your Happy Child'. It's great for anyone looking to work on communication with their children and managing your own stress levels at the same time.

Rachel Berg

Mum of 3 & Instagram Coach

I’ve been to so many SEN and CAF meetings, but the consultations I’ve had with Usha have given me so much more insight into why my child has compulsive behaviours and how I can adjust and adapt my behaviour to help his worries. This has really been a game-changer, and Usha is lovely and easy to work with.

Shazia Ahmed


Usha is so knowledgeable, professional and at the same time so kind and approachable! This makes the course fun, stress free (and I usually find these kind of courses stressful not knowing how my son will react) and we both learnt a lot! I already have the book, but it's nothing compared to actually putting it into practice.If you have a child and you want them to be happy this is the course you should attend. Thank you Usha from both of us!

Dusanka Popovska

Mum of 1 & Architect

Usha truly is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to crazy world of parenting. She has a gift. She gets it. She has a unique ability to help us parents navigate through the ups and downs that parenting often brings. Her webinar on “Don't let the kids drive you crazy during lockdown" - was highly informative - very clear, succinct and I found that I could easily grasp the different techniques she touched upon which aim to help bring about a better relationship with our children.

Grace Nelson

Mum of 1 & Business Coach

I attended a webinar hosted by Usha a while ago and have to say it was a real masterclass. I was really amazed at how much content there was in a one-hour webinar! It's obvious that Usha has such a wealth of knowledge, there was not enough time to take advantage of her expertise. Thank you for putting together your invaluable online course for parents.

Astra Farquharson

Mum of 2 & Mindful Yoga Coach

I had the pleasure of attending Usha's Happy Child workshop with my daughter, Nia. Having read her book I was really excited when I found out about the workshop and I have to say It was absolutely brilliant and is a great add-on to her book, “Your Happy Child”. Usha's workshop is so needed in schools. We need a holistic approach to managing children's mental and emotional health and wellbeing. Thanks Usha!

Marsha Watson

Mum of 1 & Entrepreneur

For the past 6 years, Usha Chudasama has worked closely with the pupils, staff and parents of Glade. She has developed a positive relationship with all stakeholders and her work is respected and valued by the whole community. Parents have given glowing feedback on her work with them and have reported a noticeable improvement in their relationship with their child. Parents say that they feel better equipped to deal with the everyday stresses of family life.

Angela Walsh

Headteacher at Glade Primary School, Redbridge

This book is a must have for the well being of our children of tomorrow. We took lots from "Your Happy Child, and really helped my family! My daughter and I also attended a Healing feeling class hosted by Usha which has contributed to her positive “I can achieve anything” outlook on life, which is priceless to see as a mother!

Cindy Humphrey

Actor, Presenter & Model

A brilliant guide on how to bring up happy, confident and joyful children ready for whatever life might throw at them. This is an easy recommend and I think it is a must for every parent.

Fiona Harrold

Best-selling Author, Be Your Own Life Coach


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