How To Create An Emotionally Safe Home

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March 31, 2024

It's different for everyone... For some of you, you're feeling frustrated and helpless because your child is ignoring you and not cooperating. For others, you're feeling guilty and stressed not knowing how to raise your happy child and create.

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What you will learn

Learn the seven principles to develop a positive parenting mindset and provide effective communication techniques, and discover the 12 effective tools to deal with inappropriate behaviour easily and calmly and feel in control when your child is misbehaving.

Introduction & How To Use This Course
Module overview

We'll start by sharing how you can maximise the benefits from this course, as well as some tips on how to work your way through it.

  • Learn how to use the course
  • Familiarise yourself
  • Get ready to develop a positive parenting mindset
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7 Principles To Develop A Positive Parenting Mindset
Module overview

I will introduce you to "NURTURE", my 7 Principles to help achieve a positive parenting mindset. These are:

  • N for Notice
  • U for Unconditional Love
  • R for Responsibility
  • T for Teach & Coach
  • U for Understand
  • R for Respect
  • E for Enjoy

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12 Effective Tools To Feel In Control When Your Child Is Misbehaving
Module overview

In this module we cover the topic of inappropriate behaviour and how to remain in control when your child is misbehaving. We'll cover topics including:

  • Managing Your State
  • Home Rules & Rewards
  • The Broken Record Technique
  • How to Be Positive & Descriptive
  • How to Reinforce Positive Behaviour
  • Choosing Your Battles
  • Offering The Illusion Of Choice
  • Acknowledging Your Child's Perspective
  • Separating The Child From The Behaviour

Plus some bonus examples of how to use these tools in practice with challenging behaviours and what to do when you feel you've tried everything and it still doesn't work.

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Creating the Right Environment: 5 Secrets Revealed
Module overview

This module explains why and how you create the right environment, including topics covering:

  • The Importance Of Rules
  • The Importance of Rights
  • The Importance Of Responsibilities
  • The Importance Of Praise
  • The Importance of Listening
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3 Easy Ways To Relax
Module overview

Learn the importance of relaxation and how this can help you bring more calm and patience to your parenting.

We'll learn three relaxation techniques:

  • #1: Move Your Body
  • #2: Relax Your Body
  • #3: Scan Your Body

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The value of play
Module overview

Learn more about how play develops cooperation and discover two fun games you can play as a family:

  • Game 1: We Are Family
  • Game 2: Name Game
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How to enjoy Quality Time through Family Power Hour
Module overview

Learn how you can spend quality time event when your time is limited. In this module, we cover:

  • What Your Child Will Gain By The End Of The Session
  • Introductory Game 1: We Are Family
  • Introductory Game 2: Name Game
  • Activity 1: Create The Right Environment; Set the Rules Together
  • Activity 2: Introduction To Relaxation [Parent Script]
  • Activity 3: Move Your Body, Release Stress
  • Activity 4: Relax Your Body, Breathe Better
  • Activity 5: Scan Your Body, Release Tension
  • Acknowledgement Through Appreciation And Rewards
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Learning summary
Module overview

As we conclude the course, you'll have access to download a cheat sheet, as well as the follow certificates:

  • Certificate Of Achievement: For the Parent
  • Certificate Of Achievement: For the Child
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Who’s this for?

This course is for all open-minded parents that want to end temper tantrums and discover the secrets to developing a cooperative home environment where your child will respect and listen to you.

  • Parents struggling with the behaviour of their child
  • Parents finding themselves shouting regularly
  • Parents who feel overwhelmed of out of control

Many other parents have trusted me to bring harmony to their homes

Our pupils parents love her work

Parents have given glowing feedback on her work with them and have reported a noticeable improvement in their relationship with their child.

Angela Walsh, Headteacher at Glade Primary School
Kids don't come with a manual

I met other parents going through the same challenges too, which was validating. Most importantly, I gained a better understanding of my son as an individual person.

Sunny Sond, Dad of two
Peace at last!

I really liked the insights into how her young mind works. That's been beneficial because it helped me be a bit more patient and understanding, less prone to losing it.

Mary Smith, Full time mum
Harmony restored

I recommend it for anyone looking to work on communication with their children and managing your own stress levels.

Jenny Brown, Mum of four
Changing families lives

A brilliant guide to bringing up happy, confident children ready for life. A must for every parent.

Fiona Harrold, Author of Be Your Own Life Coach
Would highly recommend!

I would recommend the course to other parents because it adds valuable insight. I'm a lot more knowledgeable. Just having the information gives you the confidence. So thank you very much.

Chris Culbert, Dad of one
It's true having a happy home is priceless

I already have Usha's book, but it's nothing compared to actually putting it into practice. If you have a child and you want them to be happy, this is the course for you!

Dusanka Popovska, Mum of two
A true must have

This book is a must-have for the well being of our children of tomorrow. My daughter and I also attended Usha’s Healing feeling class which has contributed to her positive “I can achieve anything” outlook on life.

Cindy Humphrey, Actor, Presenter & Model

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